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Ukaliq: The Arctic Hare
This site presents characteristics and behaviour of the Arctic hare (such as life cycle, food and feeding, habitat, populations, etc.), as well as its significance to Northern people. It also provides educational activities (with curriculum links) and lesson plans. Great resources for Grades 1 to 7.

Sila: Clue in to Climate Change

This site presents issues surrounding climate change in the Canadian Arctic, from the perspectives of science and traditional knowledge. It also provides few classroom activities (with curriculum links). Great resources for Grade 7 to 12.

The Geee! in Genome presents
This site presents basic information about genetics and genomics, the world of the cell (chromosomes, DNA, proteins, heredity and reproduction), uses of genomics (including controversial topics such as cloning, genetically modified organisms (GMOs)), Canadian researchers and their work , a section for educators, interactive games, a glossary and the itinerary of the travelling exhibition.

The Nature of the Rideau River
The Web site has five main sections:

  • the animals and plants of the Rideau River, and their role in the ecosystem of a river
    standards for water quality in a river and the levels for the Rideau River from 1998 to 2000.
  • the state of the health of the Rideau River, according to four sections, from 1998 to 2000
  • the history and methodology of the multidisciplinary project
    the history and geography of the Rideau River.

The site also has a guide for teachers, practical suggestions for preserving the river, and resources about biodiversity.

Simple Machines Make Things Go
Simple Machines Make Things Go supports a study of the structures and mechanism strand in the Science curriculum. It presents interesting approaches for students to use in applying concepts, and for recording the results of their explorations and investigations during the study. For example, students design, construct, and test a vehicle, recording relevant observations in
writing, graphs, and in oral presentations. This resource includes five booklets in which students record the activities they complete. Teachers may choose to use all or some of the booklets or to modify them to suit the needs of their students and the approach they are taking with the curriculum.

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