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GENERAL CHEMISTRY I by Dr. Michael Blaber
A collection of problems, exams, lecture notes etc. A good resourse for teachers of Grade 11, Grade 12, and first year college chemistry course.

East Tennessee State University, Chem Dept
This is the first lecture course in general chemistry for those intending to major in chemistry or go to professional school. Good lecture notes, problems, and exams.

Bodner Research Web
These pages provide a brief review of a number of general chemistry topics.

BJ's Chemistry Page
The author created this web site for students taking the AP Chemistry Exam. It icludes Multiple Choice Practice, Free Response Practice, and Chemical Reaction Practice.

The mission of the ChemReview website is to help students solve problems in General and Introductory College Chemistry. Downloadable topics include: Names and Formulas for Elements and Compounds; Converting Grams, Moles, and Particles; Empirical Formulas and Percent by Mass; Balancing Equations, Stoichiometry, Limiting Reagents; Molarity and Acid-Base Titration; Solubility, Precipitates, and Gravimetric Calculations; Gas Laws, Calorimetry, and Balancing Redox; Strong and Weak Acids and Bases, pH, Ka, Kb, salts and buffers.

Multiple Choice Questions
Examples of Multiple Choice Questions from GENERAL CHEMISTRY 6th Ed. by Whitten, Davis and Peck.

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