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Chemistry Experiment Simulations, Tutorials and Conceptual Computer Animations for Introduction to College Chemistry (aka General Chemistry)

Virtual Labs and Simulations
This page is a collection of links to sites on the web that have computerized simulations of chemistry principles. These might be in the form of a Java Applet, a Shockwave demonstration or an Activity Worksheet, but the basic purpose is the same in all cases: to allow students to see a visual demonstration of a scientific concept, often in animated form. In addition, the student may be given the opportunity to manipulate one or more variables underlying the concept and then witness the changes.

Chemistry @ Davidson
This page is a collection of computerized simulations of chemistry principles. Includes following topics: Atomic Structure (Atomic Orbitals (VRML), Hybrid Orbitals (VRML)), Chemical Analysis (Elemental Analysis, Spectrophotometry),Chemical Bonding (Hybrid Orbitals (VRML), Molecular Orbitals (VRML) ), Chemical Equilibria, Chemical Kinetics, Crystal Structure(Closest-Packed Structures (VRML) ,Structure of Solids (VRML) , Unit Cells (VRML) ), Gases (Gas Laws ,Kinetic Molecular Theory), Phase Changes ,Thermodynamics(Calorimetry)



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